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On Monday, December 2, 2019, families enjoyed the wonderful songs and sounds of the orchestra, band, and chorus during the Winter Concert.  Our orchestra is conducted by Mrs. Ng, our band by Mr. Hiam, and our chorus by Ms. Brickmann.  They did a wonderful job taking the audience on a song-filled journey through the holiday season.  We have a lot to be thankful for, and this was one of those wonderful things.  Cheers to all that contributed to making this an amazing night.  

Pajama NightPajama NightPajama Night

Mrs. Dodd’s Kindergarten class had a lot of fun on Pajama Night! We came dressed in our coolest and cutest pajamas and brought our special stuffed animal friends.  We sang songs, performed the alphabet in sign language, read books and created amazing pictures on pillowcases.  We had so much fun with our friends and family!  

Group ShotFun Times!Parents Included!Smiles All Around!Craft Project

Above are some additional images of Kindergarten and first grade enjoying the festivities at Pajama Night 2019!  Watson staff led a fun-filled evening of storytelling and crafts with students and their parents.  

Be Kind!Kindness CountsKind is Cool!Aaron is kind!Kind is Cool!Mrs. Pascarella is kind!

Fifth graders at Watson School were spreading kindness like confetti on Wednesday, November 13th. Instead of just highlighting kindness in our classrooms, we took the show on the road!  Fifth graders send “kindness cards” throughout the building and district to spread the message!  We also created our own precepts, inspired by our reading of the novel Wonder, and hung them around the walls of Watson so that we can inspire countless people to spread our messages! Be on the lookout for more acts of good as our fifth graders hope to spread kindness throughout the world


In Physical Education classes, students are participating in various challenges and tasks that require teamwork, collaboration, and strategy to complete.  In order to properly prepare children for their future and improve social skills, these lessons are invaluable.  Being able to productively work with peers helps to move more effectively toward goals, meet deadlines more efficiently, and give each individual the chance to showcase their strengths.  This overall concept of team building and collaboration is incredibly important in improving wellness, mitigating conflict, and building trust with one another.  

DorothyFull CastWizard of Oz PascarellaFull Cast 2Care BearsFifth GradePascarella Unicorn PrincessGlinda

Tradition never seems to get old at Watson School.  This year, the staff kept tradition alive with another fantastic performance of The Wizard of Oz.  This immediately followed each grade level performing Halloween songs for the parents and the rest of the school.  To top it all off, Watson School students and the cast of the performance went on a parade for the parents, showing off all of their creative costumes.